Antimicrobial Spraying Services

Welcome your employees back into the office with a clean, sanitized environment. With great concern about the coronavirus outbreak, it is more important now than ever before to keep the work environment clean and sterile.

Many businesses are turning to antimicrobial spray because of its extra strength sanitization. It kills all germs and viruses on contact all while providing up to three months of residual surface protection. Antimicrobial spray works by forming an invisible coating of that will minimize the spread of any germs and viruses for weeks or months following the treatment.

Now you may be wondering what the benefits of the antimicrobial spray are. It is exceptionally popular right now and it was used often before the pandemic and will thoroughly disinfect surfaces. Provides long-term residual protection, does not wash off after applied, and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

This is a strong solution, but it is water-based and aggressively sticks to surfaces, forming strong bonds that provide disinfecting protection. What’s great about antimicrobial treatments is it continuously kills germs and bacteria over time. All antimicrobial uses are EPA-approved product is safe for people and pets. It does not contain harsh solvents, bleach, or alcohol.

Extended antimicrobial protection is a commercial service that is available for use in offices, and other public places. Applied with a spray, it evenly covers just about all exposed surfaces and walls. There are many exposed surfaces in a business office such as phones, desk, computers, cabinets, doors, staircases, and any common areas.

As you can see, antimicrobial spray is far more effective than traditional disinfectants we find on the market. With your standard solutions, you become exposed to more germs and bacteria in just a short time. With the severity of the coronavirus, it is imperative we keep our employees safe and healthy to come back to work. The antimicrobial treatment is good or up to three months, preventing the spread of infection on surfaces and common areas.